Anxiety and Depression collage

Anxiety and Depression collage

This is a collage of different thoughts and feelings that occur inside me on a daily basis. They range from not so severe to debilitating. The panic attacks are the worse. When I have a depressive episode, I hurt physically and mentally. It’s hard to describe to someone who has never experienced depression. But let me put it this way. Imagine being so sad you feel like you are fading away and trapped in a void of never ending sadness? You feel sluggish, achey, unmotivated and cry.

Panic attacks are even scarier to me. I experience chest pain, breathing difficulty, blurriness of vision, dizziness, sweaty palms and a need to run away from a scary, invisible force.

Because people cannot see into our heads, I encourage those of you with mental illnesses to create a collage like this. Sometimes people don’t understand how you’re feeling just by speaking about it. Images remain strong in our minds because humans are visual creatures. Show your collage to your loved ones. Ask them to look at it and how they feel when reading it. Do they have a better idea of what you go through now if they didn’t before?



As an anxiety and depression blog, What’s My Damage? will explore not only my experiences with panic attacks and depression, but also news and articles from online sources and publications I read related to the topic.I hope to share how I’ve dealt with panic attacks, anxiety and depression, what has worked and has not worked for me and what I am still learning about it. Readers are encouraged to share their experiences with me in comments or via email. I don’t want to make this all about me. I want to share what I am going through, but I also want to hear from others to share information about depression and anxiety from all people and sources So far, I have ideas for a lot of posts lined up. Some include  how to approach loved ones with depression or anxiety, ways journalists can overcome social anxiety one step at a time, how being creative can help anxiety, advances in mental healthcare, article from Adbusters on mental illness and so much more.

Fresh perspectives from readers are always welcome, since I can’t think of everything myself. Feel free to submit ideas in the comments or via email. I won’t mention your names if you don’t want me to. I’ll be discrete and refer to you as “a reader” (or something like that) if you request that I not use your name or username.

So, here it goes. I hope this blog to be a success. Baby steps.

P.S. I am not a trained therapist. My occupation is a writer, so do not mistaken me for a doctor. All information in this blog will be based on my experiences, readers experiences and information from articles and books I read.